Order Fulfillment and Distribution

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We Know That Your Clients’ Perception is Everything


 Whether you are a Canadian company or foreign looking to partner with an order fulfillment company in Canada, we understand that it is absolutely critical that your orders be fulfilled with accuracy and delivered to your clients quickly. Your clients need to know that your company can be depended on to fulfill the orders that it receives with urgency and with no mistakes.


At Mantoria we understand that if you choose to partner with us to manage your inventory and fulfill your orders, what we do will have a direct impact on your clients’ perception of your company. We take this very seriously, and this is why many companies have chosen to partner with us for the long term.


Order Accuracy: Our Daily Mission


 Orders that are fulfilled incorrectly negatively impact everyone involved in the transaction, but most importantly your client. Some clients could choose to stop doing business with your company if what they receive does not match their order. We understand that it is hard enough to gain new clients nowadays, and that you want to ensure that their perception of your company always remains positive, as they are critical to your business’ long term success.


At Mantoria we have put in place a combination of robust quality control processes and a top notch inventory management system to ensure we provide the order and inventory control accuracy that you expect at all times. Interested in knowing what inventory we hold on your behalf at all times? We can offer you a web portal and complete live visibility over your inventory so that you review and adjust your stock as needed at your convenience.


We also have the ability to handle a large volume of orders, and we accept various EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) methods to reduce manual entry, eliminate data transmission errors, and fulfill your orders quicker and more efficiently.


Ship to Your Clients Same Day from a Central Canadian Location


Once orders are fulfilled accurately, you expect that these will ship as soon as possible and that transit time will be minimal. Our Fulfillment Center in Ontario is centrally located within Canada to ensure that we do just this. From our location we can ship out orders same day and deliver to most places in Canada next day. We have contract rates with various LTL carriers, courier companies, and full van load carriers to ensure that no matter how small or big your order, we deliver it to your clients cost effectively and with minimal transit time, whether domestically or internationally.


An Extension of Your Company


At Mantoria we believe that when it comes to order fulfillment and distribution, our operation needs to be completely seamless with your operation to guarantee that your client’s perception of your company always holds true to the high standards that they expect. We think long term and our goal is to mold our operations to meet your precise needs, and act as a seamless extension of your company.  We know that your long term success is our success!



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