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When it comes to moving goods around the world, Mantoria Inc is all about developing the best solutions and reducing any delays involving your shipments. Our customs brokerage service plays a central role in the import export process. In addition to managing customs clearance for your shipments, our team of experts works with you to prevent any compliance issues when it comes to changes in customs regulations that affect your business. Our experienced team has in-depth knowledge of customs legislation, tariffs and procedures both in Canada and abroad, enabling you to trade internationally without a hassle.


Mantoria’s customs brokerage service involves ensuring that goods are cleared through customs of their country of destination. Our customs brokerage service includes handling all the necessary paperwork involved in clearing Canada customs or working with our extensive network of global partners to clear foreign customs as needed.


By working with our extensive network of partners in the industry, we can get you the best and most personalized customs brokerage service at a cost that meets your budget. At Mantoria, we have a team of Customs Certified Specialists that will take care of the paperless release of RMD, INPARS, AIRPARS, PARS, and AGRIPARS. We will ensure that all of the paperwork needed is properly completed and submitted to customs along with any other required documentation. Our customs brokerage service ensures compliance with CBSA, AMPS, and CFIA regulations. We also offer GST Direct programs that provide a convenient once-a-month GST remittance, which helps to simplify the accounting on your end.


With a combined 250 years of experience, the team at Mantoria is what any import or export company needs to succeed. Mantoria’s personalized customs brokerage service exceeds expectations and our dedicated team is ready to get involved as a trusted advisor to your business.


In addition to our regular customs clearance service, we have also developed various programs to increase the visibility of your clearances and also ensure compliance. These programs prevent any unnecessary AMPS penalties that can end up being a real burden on your business.


“All business accepted and conducted are subject to the Standard Trading Conditions adopted by the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association Inc (CIFFA) and / or Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB). A copy of the Standards Trading Conditions can be found on their respective websites”.

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Filling in the Canadian Customs invoice form properly is critical in preventing potentially costly delays at the border. This guide will help you ensure that you complete each field on this important document with 100% accuracy.

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Our Unique Customs brokerage Programs

Canada EZ Self clearance

If you are a large volume importer with at least 500 shipments into Canada yearly, this program is designed for you. When various importers approached us wanting an option that allows them to handle the customs clearance internally at a much reduced cost per shipment, we answered and designed a program that does just that. Additionally, we have the capability to drastically reduce the manual data entry needed and practically automate the customs clearance process for your shipments to Canada. If you are looking to save your company money, improve compliance and visibility over the whole customs clearance process, and easily manage all of your documents in one secure place, this program is for you. Ask us for more information or a free demo today.


Compliance +

Another service that is in high demand with many of our importers into Canada is our Compliance Plus+ program, an automated solution to ensure that all the steps in the PO management process are connected. From PO generation to Customs Clearance to delivery confirmation in your warehouse, our Compliance Plus + program ensures that goods received match goods cleared and you are fully customs compliant.


Canada Customs

At Mantoria, we are clearing goods through Canada Customs for our clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our teams located in multiple locations in Canada can handle any of your customs clearance needs, at any border crossing, whether it is a one time shipment or reoccuring orders.


US Customs

If your company has goods crossing the border into the USA, we can handle the customs clearance through U.S. Customs as well. No need to work through two different companies for your shipments heading North of the border vs South. Mantoria can manage the whole Canada / US customs clearance process for you from A to Z.


Non Resident Importer

Is your company not residing in Canada and interested in acting as the Importer of Record for your shipments crossing the border into Canada? There are many benefits for your business to be setup as a Non Resident Importer (NRI) if you are shipping regularly into Canada. Please contact Mantoria and we can discuss the benefits and work through all of the details to get you properly setup, as well as manage the Canada customs clearance process for you.


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