Canada Customs

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At Mantoria, we are clearing goods through Canada Customs for our clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our teams located in multiple locations in Canada can handle any of your customs clearance needs, at any border crossing, whether it is a one time shipment or recuring orders. We work with all types of clients, from small businesses to large multinational corporations, and we recognize that each client may have unique needs. Compliance is always our main focus, and we work hard to ensure that all is in order for our clients at all times to adhere to CBSA AMPS, CFIA and any other applicable regulations.


Mantoria’s leading edge technology enables our Customs Certified Specialists to prepare paperless release for RMD, INPARS, AIRPARS, PARS or AGRIPARS import shipments along with the completion of the B3 Customs Coding Form through EDI. Our clients also have access to our web portal to view or download any of their customs documentation from past shipments, making record and documentation management a breeze.


We also have the capability to provide detailed customized reports that show itemized product import data, current import commodities, related tariff classifications, and related fields for all shipments. We offer GST direct programs to minimize importers’ accounting paperwork while providing the convenience of one monthly GST remittance. We prepare customs refunds and amends accurately and our experienced team submits them through online filing. Let Mantoria handle all of your Canada customs clearance needs promptly, accurately and seamlessly from start to finish. Please ask us for a quote today.


If you are a large volume importer and want to manage your own clearances in house easily and at a reduced cost, please ask us about our Canada EZ Self Clearance Program.

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