Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance

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Before shipping cargo via different modes of transport, it is vitally important that you determine if your company is fully covered in case something goes wrong.


At Mantoria, we offer our clients the option of low cost “All Risk” cargo insurance, which provides your company with complete coverage without you having to prove carrier neglect. At the end of the day, carriers are not obligated to cover your losses that occur beyond their control – for example, ocean carriers can declare General Average so that all parties in the sea venture have to proportionally share in the losses. In addition most carriers have very limited coverage even in situations when you are covered in part through their policy.


Even if your goods are less susceptible to loss or damage, there is always the risk of catastrophic events like boats sinking, planes crashing, and truck accidents. With our “All Risk??? insurance option, rest assured that your goods are covered in full from origin to destination.


Through our coverage, you get:

  • Coverage on the full value of your goods from beginning to end
  • Competitive rates
  • Peace of mind and complete security
  • Domestic support during a claim with complete assistance from Mantoria


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