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We Have A Proven Track Record

When your company has specialized cargo to move, make sure that you work with a freight forwarder who can handle the entire scope of your project, and handle it seamlessly from start to finish.


It is one thing to move regular container shipments. Coordinating the movement of specialized cargo is whole other ball game, which requires much more expertise and experience to deal effectively with out of norm situations in sometimes hard to reach places!


At Mantoria, through our experienced staff having handled numerous large scale and specialized cargo projects over the years, you can be sure that you are in good hands. From bulk cargo to over dimensional, heavy lift, and time critical projects, we have the expertise and proven track record to develop cost effective solutions that meet your needs, project timelines, and budget. Our mission is to become a trusted logistics consultant to your organization, and an extension of your company for the whole duration of your project to ensure that all details are covered, and that your project is successful. We aim to exceed your expectations on all fronts, at all times!

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Filling in the Canadian Customs Invoice properly is critical in preventing costly delays at the border. This guide will help you ensure that you complete each field on this important document with 100% accuracy.

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Our Specialized Cargo Services

Air Charters

If you have a larger cargo that needs to get to its destination promptly and transporting by air is the only option due to time constraints, our air freight team can manage these moves for you.


Bulk Cargo

If you need to move large quantities of your commodities, the experienced team at Mantoria can handle the coordination of all of your bulk transportation needs.


Heavy Lift Cargo

If your projects involve moving large pieces that are too large or heavy to fit in a standard container, you have come to the right place! We have everything needed to move these pieces from origin to destination just about anywhere in the world.


Logistics Consulting

Our mission is very clear: to treat each one of our clients as if their organization is our own. Let our logistics experts be part of your team to make sure that your projects are a success!


Logistics Project Management

No matter how short or long term your project is, Mantoria can take on a full scale project management role, and act as an extension of your company.


Overdimensional Cargo

For this type of out of spec project that can involve a great deal of planning, it is vital that you work with a company that has a proven track record to manage this type of move seamlessly. See how Mantoria’s expertise can help you move your Over Dimensional Cargo!


Check out one of our recent specialized cargo projects

Mantoria Specialized Cargo Division from Florent Bojarski on Vimeo.

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